Access Control

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  • Manage your system from your smartphone or tablet
  • Includes a basic kit
  • No need for a landline

Simple & Affordable Solutions

We can provide access control just by configuring your basic security panel. We'll install door contacts and program open/close notifications with regular reports. With customized passcodes for individual employees you'll know who is going where and when.

Innovative Custom Solutions

We will design, install, service and monitor an access control system that allows your people to get where they need to go while preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas. We'll integrate your access control and intrusion systems with your video security, and HR databases allowing you maximum control from just one platform. We have resources and partners from coast to coast ensuring that we can meet your access control needs.

MAnaged vs hosted

Remote Lock/Unlock Service

We'll help you establish your open/close schedules and with an automated lock and optional remote lock/unlock subscription our 24/7 monitoring station is available to grant access as required. 

Credential Management

We will manage credentials for your customers (their profiles, user IDs, key codes and cards). We'll also: add/remove/edit cards and users, emergency lock/unlock doors, create and maintain lock/unlock schedules, generate activity reports, create and modify automated real-time notifications of system events, and more!


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