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Fire stat on minutes necessary 

Intrusion Detection

Protect your inventory, cash register and other assets from burglary. Retail environments are particularly vulnerable through a loading door in back or the glass storefront. Door contacts and glass break sensors at these locations provide a first line of defence.

Video Surveillance

Shrinkage is a common problem for most business owners. Capture video evidence to provide authorities and increase chances of recovering lost merchandise. Keep an eye on the activities in your store to ensure employee safety, proper procedures and study customer traffic flow.

Access Control

Employee turnover in retail businesses can be high. Avoid trying to keep track of keys by issuing access control cards instead!  Receive "late to open" and "early to close" notifications to ensure that your business is open during the hours you promise to your customers.

Fire Monitoring 

Unmonitored fire alarms may satisfy building codes and insurance providers, but fires can happen at anytime. Minutes matter. Our professional attendants are available 24/7 to alert the authorities. The quick response can help prevent or reduce significant fire and smoke damage and avoid business closure and lost profits during the rebuild.