ULC Certification

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What is ULC Certification?

Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) sets the highest standard for alarm monitoring companies for Commercial Burglary, Financial Burglary and Fire.  ULC provides the guidelines for security installations that include: uninterrupted power supplies, response times, appropriate staffing levels and security levels.

Why should you have it?

Because it matters to Authorities Having Jurisdiction, insurance companies, thoroughly tested, and is maintained to the highest standards. Both of SecurTek's monitoring stations are ULC listed and SecurTek is certified to perform ULC Commercial Burglary, ULC Financial Burglary and ULC Fire installations.

Other benefits:

  • It may be required by law: in some jurisdictions the tenant is not allowed to occupy a new building until the ULC Fire certificate has been issued
  • It may improve insurance benefits: CUMIS will insure 100% of losses in a credit union if the theft occurred from a cash unit which has a level 2 or level 3 ULC certificate. They will insure 0%-50% if there is no certificate or a certificate is level 0 or 1
  • It may reduce insurance costs: premiums may be lower, depending on the insurance provider
  • It increases customer/tenant/board/investor confidence: ULC certification indicates that the installation is inspected, tested and maintained by the Listed alarm service company. ULC certification indicates that the installation is inspected annually by a certified inspector and subject to ULC audit and further investigation by ULC if the listed company has made errors

ULC Commercial Burglary/Fire

ULC certificated alarm systems are required to be maintained under the care and inspection service of the issuing alarm service company. A ULC certificate indicates that the installation is inspected, tested and maintained - which assists insurance companies and regulatory authorities in deciding their manpower involvement in conducting their own monitoring and acceptance of companies.

ULC Financial Burglary

For financial institutions it is becoming more and more important to comply with regulations and standards such as Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada (ULC) Financial Certification. SecurTek's innovative ULC Financial Certified security solution includes security, video surveillance, and card access control. SecurTek has designed this solutin to meet the most stringent ULC requirements for extensive validation and auditing including National Standards of Canada approved equipment, best practice and response criteria for Financial Safe and Vault Intrusion Detection and protection of ATMs and CDUs. This same solution may be customized for any size of branch to meet all ULC requirements in the most cost effective way possible.