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  • Manage your system from your smartphone or tablet
  • Includes a basic kit
  • No need for a landline

Simple Video Solution

We'll design, install and maintain your video solution for your office building or business. Our professionally installed video solutions are high quality and secure without breaking your budget.

Complex Video Solutions

Whether you want your video system installed in one building or multiple sites, we have a full range of video camera options and our dealers have the skills to design, install, maintain and manage your enterprise-grade system and to integrate it with your access control, security panel, and any other security platforms. Integrate video analytics software to allow for real-time event detection.

I-View Now Video Verification

Over 90% of police dispatches are false alarms. Video Verification will pair your security system signals with video clips of what caused the alarm. Video helps remove the guessing game of what caused the system to trigger an alarm which allows for quickly justified priority response. Our standard I-View Now Video Verification service plan includes: Video Verification, Video Look-In, Cloud Video Storage, Instant Notifications, and Video Device Health Check.

Interactive Video

View  your cameras from anwhere via web access or your mobile device. We support most 3rd-party video portals that allow you to view live or recorded video from any computer or smart device.


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