Simplify Your Business

Get in touch with SecurTek Dealer Relations


  • Maintain customer relationships and share in the RMR

  • Sell any quantity of your accounts at any time

  • A consistent monitoring experience for all of your customers (retail or wholesale) with customizable alarm responses

  • Industry leading monitoring

    • ​​Geographic redundancy of monitoring stations

    • Mission-critical communications located in world class Tier III data centres

    • TMA Five-Diamond certified monitoring

    • ULC monitoring

      • Fire

      • Financial burglary

      • Commercial burglary

  • Remote access portal to monitoring automation software

  • Billing and collection services on your behalf

  • GSM, IP and interactive services

    •, AlarmNet, UltraSync, Connect 24, TelGuard, SecureNet, Bosch, UpLink

  • We have lone worker and personal emergency response services (PERS)

  • Toll-free lines to alarm receivers, monitoring station operators, technical support and administration