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Fall Detection

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All of the features for an In-Home Medical Alert kit are included with the Fall Detection add-on.

How Does Fall Detection Work?

Fall Detection is an optional add-on for Medical Alert. Many injuries that occur involve falling, and delay in receiving assistance after a fall can jeopardize or lengthen recovery.

  • The optional Fall Detection pendant is small and light enough to be worn unobtrusively and features a standard medical HELP button that uses automatic fall detection technology.
  • The Fall Detection pendant provides reliable detection of the wearer's sudden change in elevation or a potentially serious fall. When this occurs, a call for help is triggered to the Console unit and you will hear the following announcement "Emergency call is being placed." In turn, the Console unit sends an alarm signal to the SecurTek Monitoring Station utilizing the telephone line.
  • Trained, friendly Monitoring Station staff will receive the call and verify the nature of your emergency and dispatch the appropriate help for your situation. Rest assured, if you are unable to come to the phone, Monitoring Station staff can communicate with you through the microphone and speaker of your Console unit, and you will not have to pick up the phone. You will not be alone, because the staff will be able to talk and listen to you through the Console.
  • If you are unable to speak, or an emergency is confirmed, Monitoring Station staff will notify the emergency services and/or family and friends that you have listed as contacts on your account.