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Simplify life with Automation!

Get more from your home security with a solution that gives you piece of mind and the access to the latest in smartHOME technology.

The Automation Bundle is a smartHOME solution that includes $1250 of equipment and allows you to control it all from your smartphone. From the garage door to the porch lights to the temperature in basement, an easy-to-use app lets you control it whether you’re at home or away.

Experience even more of what a smartHOME solution can do for you when you add more of the latest ‘smart’ equipment to your home, with financing options available to make every purchase fit any budget.

Bundles available starting from $54.95/month.

Contact an Authorized SecurTek Dealer and learn more about the Automation Bundle and our smartHOME solutions!

*Offer available to new customers only. Requires a 48-month Customer Service Agreement Bundle subscription valued at a minimum of $54.95. App and feature availability varies based on equipment installed/purchased. Equipment prices may vary by on dealer, region, or stock available.