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Where do we come in?

If smartphone alerts are all that's protecting your home, what happens when you're busy or asleep? Professionally monitored smart home security is the better way to go.

Get the Automation Bundle for only


  • Manage your lights, door locks, thermostat and more from your smartphone or tablet
  • Includes a basic kit
  • 1 Free Automation Device
  • Option to add more devices


Skip the annoying beeping of your alarm being set while you struggle to get your shoes on and race out the door. Arm and disarm your security system whenever it is convenient for you - from anywhere!

Smart Thermostat

No need to get up if the house feels chilly in the middle of the night.  Crank up the heat from the comfort of your bed on your smartphone!

Save money by scheduling your smart thermostat to turn down the heat when you set your alarm panel to 'away'  and to warm back up before you get home from work.

Smart Power Outlets

“…Did I remember to turn off my hair straightener?” It doesn’t matter! Controlled by an app on your smart phone or tablet, your smart power outlet allows you to turn off and on whatever appliance you plug into it.

Lighting Control

Smart lighting easily enables you to light any room in your house either automatically or by using your smartphone. Via smart bulbs, smart switches or smart power outlets you can make your home look lived in - even when you're not there. Now that's a bright idea.

Garage Door Control

Did you close the garage door? Now you can do it remotely. You’ll even get sent a notification to your phone if the door is left open when it shouldn’t be.


Imagine if your house was smart enough to turn down the thermostat every time you left and turn the porch light on when you return. GPS tracking on your mobile device paired with the geofencing feature of your smart home automation system can do all that and much more.

High/Low Temperature Detection

Going away on holidays? We'll let you know if the temperature drastically changes in your home on account of a broken furnace or air conditioner.

Instant Notifications

Control your security system directly from your smartphone. Check recent activity, and customize notifications for devices connected to your system.