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FREE monitoring of smoke/fire, carbon monoxide, water and temperature with any SecurTek bundle!

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  • Affordable protection
  • Includes a basic kit
  • No need for a home phone

Smoke/Fire Detection

Timing is critical in the event of a fire. Upon first detection your smoke and/or heat detector will notify our monitoring station so we can immediately alert your local fire department and paramedics if necessary.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the air in your home is safe from carbon monoxide poisoning. Upon detection of the colourless and odourless gas our sensors will alert both you and our monitoring station, giving you adequate warning to safely evacuate your home.

Water and Flood Protection

Early detection is crucial to minimizing flood damage. With water sensors placed in vulnerable areas of your home (near the washing machine, hot water heater, etc.) we'll notify you at the first sign of trouble.

Intrusion Detection

Don't have a fierce protector? Sensors on the entry points to your home will send an alarm to our monitoring station if triggered by an intrusion; providing 24/7 protection for your family and home.