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Mobile Fall Detection

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All of the standard features for the Mobile Medical Alert kit are included with the Fall Detection add-on.

How Does Fall Detection Work?

You can add an automated Fall Detection feature on your Medical Alert service at any time. Automated Fall Detection will measure your sway, orientation, and surface impact. If the unit detects that you have fallen, it will automatically call the Monitoring Station to report a fall. Should you be unable to speak at the time, our trained staff will immediately send help.

  • If you are OK and need to cancel the fall detection call, you have a 20-second grace period in which to do so by simply pressing the large grey HELP button on the front of your pendant.
  • No worries if you miss the grace period. If you have fallen and are okay, or missed the 20-second window in which to cancel, simply let the Monitoring Station know that you are okay and do not require further assistance.

*It should be noted that fall detection is not always 100% accurate. It is always recommended that if assistance is needed and you are able, push the large grey HELP button on the front of the pendant.