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Check-in Check-out

Have your employees text, call, email to check-in to the monitoring station at the start of a shift. We'll log the check-in time along with the check-out time provided. If no check-out call is made, we will follow a pre-determined emergency procedure.

SoloProtect Lone Worker

Worker safety is an area of rapid expansion across Canada and employers have the moral obligation to oversee employee safety. SoloProtect enables communication in emergency situations such as: workplace hazards, man-down situations and other threatening situations. 

Video Surveillance

Deter theft and vandalism of your vehicles, tools and materials with video surveillance overlooking your construction site. View live or recorded video at any time from your computer or smartphone.


Site Security

Keep your worksite secure at the end of the work day with perimeter security: guard response, gate sensors, fence vibration sensors, trip wires and more.


ULC Fire Certification

Protect your sites during temporary construction and all of the other properties you have 24/7/365 with our Five-Diamond certified monitoring. We can even provide you with ULC certificate if required. 

Employee Location Mapping

Our Employee Location Mapping service enables safety managers and supervisors to play an active role in the safety and productivity of their employees. This mobile mapping service gives the manager the ability to locate staff on a digital map with accurate, real-time location data and a breadcrumb trail.