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Access Control

We will design, install, service and monitor an access control system in as many locations with as many doors as you require - ensuring that authorized staff are granted access where they need to be while preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas.

Allow us to manage credentials for your employees as well as maintain lock/unlock schedules, generate activity reports, create and modify automated real-time notifications of system events and more!

ULC Certification

What is it?

Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) sets the highest standard for alarm monitoring companies for Commercial Burglary, Financial Burglary and Fire.

ULC provides the guidelines for security installations that include:  uninterrupted power supplies, response times, appropriate staffing levels and security levels.

Why should you have it?

Because it matters to Authorities Having Jurisdiction, insurance companies, building inspectors and municipalities and governments.

Having a ULC Certificate indicates that the installation has been inspected, thoroughly tested, and is maintained to the highest standards. Both of SecurTek's monitoring stations are ULC listed and SecurTek is certified to perform ULC Commercial Burglary, ULC Financial Burglary and ULC Fire installations.

Worker Safety

Whether you want to track your employees location, allow them to check-in/check-out on their own, and/or equip them with one click emergency response and fall detection - we have a solution to fit your needs. 

Video Surveillance

We have a full range of video camera options as well as the skills to design, install, maintain and manage your enterprise-grade system.  Whether in one building or multiple sites, our trained technicians will integrate your video solutions with your access control, security panel and any other security platforms you may have.