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Video Surveillance

Discourage vandalism and crime on school property with video cameras strategically placed around the perimeter of the school. Our authorized dealers will customize a solution that encompasses the appropriate camera quality and features, storage solutions, and application configurations optimized for self-monitoring, notifications, analytics and capturing video evidence for authorities.

ULC-Fire Certification

Publicly accessible institutions often face higher expectations for the safety and security of individuals using their facilities. SecurTek is a ULC-Fire listed company which gives Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), insurance companies, and government agencies the means to ensure systems certified by us and the monitoring provided by us comply with the highest standards.

Access Control

Prepare for potential emergency scenarios with a custom access control system configured with a one-touch lock-down. After-hours access is common but certain areas need to be restricted. Assign access control cards or smartphone credentials to faculty, staff, students or the public who require access based on time of day and purpose or location. When investigations are required, view a log of all granted and denied access attempts.

Elevator Monitoring

Is there an elevator in your school? Protect your students from being trapped in a scary situation. The emergency phone connects the passenger to our monitoring station - letting them know they are not alone and help is on the way.